How Many Watts Is A Factory Car Stereo

Buying a car stereo secondhand is the best way to get the best experience. As far as the amount of power you need, it will depend on the stereo you choose. Also, you know How Many Watts Is A Factory Car Stereo. If you are bothered by your factory car stereo – you are not alone. 83% of car owners report that when their car stereo volume increases, it provides a disappointing experience. If you are looking for a light background ambient sound then the factory-installed car stereo will work fine.

Comparing car stereos across the spectrum, It turns out that, usually the default car stereo that comes in your car fails to meet your needs. So today we will tell you, How many watts is a factory car stereo? 

How many watts is a factory car stereo?

It is very important that you know about the wattage of your car stereo. Often eight to ten watts RMS per channel. Do a Google search for the make and model type to find out the power of your head unit. Most misunderstandings are due to the difference between peak wattage and RMS wattage. A more powerful 200-watt aftermarket stereo, for example, draws its power from a 50-watt probably through 4 channels peak-rated amp chip.

If you buy a stereo and you want the same as your car factory stereo then you should look for one with 50 to 200 watts of RMS power. If you want to enhance your listening experience with Aftermarket Receiver. You should take around 200 to 300 watts of RMS. If you are adding an amplified speaker that will help reduce street noise and clear the sound of your music. Then you will need 200 to 500 watts of RMS power.

Be sure to consider all of these things before you take the old head unit. So that later you do not have to be disappointed and no problem.

What are watts?

Watt is the power of one unit. Unless your speakers have built-in power amps, they have none. So don’t get confused when you look at the speaker wattage mentioned in the specific speaker specifications. Even non-powered speakers can have a wattage rating. But that is just to show his ability to handle the power. If your speaker is rated at 200 watts, that means it can handle 200 watts of power.

Why is a stereo with more watts better?

Usually, more wattage means ‘better dynamic headroom’ and ‘lower distortion’. Dynamic headroom means reproducing loud sounds without disturbing or corrupting the capabilities of any system. They depend on the AMP’s RMS voltage and the speaker’s low voltage. Parts of loud music such as the loud part of a guitar solo etc. can reach 200 to 300 watts. If the amplifier does not have that much power in reserve, the result will be more distortion and lower quality sound. The most reasonably priced aftermarket speakers will perform well with approximately 25 watts RMS or approximately 50 watts per channel.

Make sure the output of your amp matches the one your speaker can handle. For maximum performance, the amp should have the capacity of a wattage speaker and vice versa. The Rockford Fosgate R165 Full Range 3 – Way Coaxial Speaker is a great aftermarket speaker for you to watch. These are excellent speakers for replacing factory car speakers, including polypropylene cones, a silk dome Piezo, Twitter, and midrange.



Most of the car stereos installed in the factory are of average quality and have excellent performance.  Therefore, you have two options. Apply high-quality aftermarket stereo. Or install operated speakers. I would suggest fitting both. Hope, this article of mine will help you.



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