How To Hook Up/Install an Amp Without RCA Jacks

Installing an amplifier in your car’s audio system can be very difficult and even more difficult without RCA jacks. Older systems lack RCA jacks and if you have an older head unit that has no RCA jacks and you want to install an amplifier in your car audio system. You know it’s hard to put an amplifier in your car when it doesn’t even have an RCA jack, so it’s very difficult. Your old head unit is not useless just because of the lack of RCA jacks.

And that doesn’t mean you have to add extra to enhance your speaker or subwoofer, Can’t add AMP. Before installing, make sure that the AMP you are installing accepts the speaker or line-level connection. Also, the RMS power of your speaker is less than or equal to the amplifier. These are the important things you must see before installing an amplifier.

Today I will tell you how to connect AMP without RCA jacks then you are READY we do not waste your time.

Little information about Car AMP

An amplifier is capable of converting a small electrical signal into a very large voltage. Nowadays most of the amplifiers come with DC-DC power supply bridging circuits etc. These key features make it easy to use powerful sounds from a 12 watt supply. Amplifiers often do not come with the necessary warning kits. The amplifier needs a separate wiring kit as it needs to get enough power from the battery and supply other connections.

Information about the RCA adapter

The RCA adapter is also known as the RCA plug and RCA connector. It carries audio and visual signals to any electronic device such as a CD player or TV or DVD. You need an RCA wire or RCA adapter to transmit audio signals out of your car’s audio system via speaker or AMP. At the end of the connector are three color-coded plugs that meet the three color-coded ports behind the TV or other audio output.

Little information About the speaker

If you do not have an audio system in your car then you cannot enjoy the journey. You want to have fun, you need to have a high-quality audio system.  If you’re still using a factory speaker, there’s no way you can enjoy clear and cracker audio.

Component speakers

There are two types of speakers, the first of which is the component speaker. This speaker,s a stunning design and impressive sound speakers.  They produce excellent sound quality. These speakers are designed with their frequency which does not fail to work effectively.  You can get maximum depth and amplitude of sound with this component system as there are numerous different parts of your vehicle driver that can be installed.

Full-range speakers

Full-range speakers are another kind of speaker that can easily replace the factory speakers of your car’s audio system. If you have this full range speaker then you don’t need to buy other speaker items like woofers and twitters separately as they are already part of the full range speaker with the right amplifier You will continue to enjoy the system.

How to hook up amp without RCA jacks

Now you know about the RCA adapter, Speaker, and AMP. Now let’s see how you can hook your external amplifier from your car audio without using an RCA adapter or jacks.

First of all, you have to decide where to put the AMP in the car. This is because the improper placement of AMP in your car can cause catastrophe. For example, you place the AMP in a place where a loose object sits. So you will regret it because it can ruin the AMP completely. Also, make sure that your AMP is placed in a place where cool air can easily reach. So that it does not get too hot while working.

Connect the speaker wire to the RCA adapter

This is the easiest way you need an RCA plug or connector and your speaker wire. Combine the two, and it will power your car’s audio system. If for some reason it doesn’t work, try another.

Input style speaker level

Speaker level input style Speaker level inputs are widely called high level and it is very useful when adding AMP to factory speaker.  For starters, it is called high-level input because of its voltage level. Outboard Power AMP ProVoltage level is naturally higher than standard premium output. Using this method you will need to run the red power wire of your amplifier on your car firewall.

The purpose is to connect to the fuse holder but you must do this through the battery. As a result, you will need to mount the fuse holder. Once you’ve done that, proceed to make the connection between the battery and the radio head unit. Then so run the blue turn-on wire and the red power wire through your door panel or under your car seats to connect to the amplifier.

For the last step that connects your desired speaker to your AMP, remove the color-coded star of your speaker. Connect the wires that lead to the amplifier. This method may seem a bit tricky, but once you get it done, it’s easy.


Older car audio systems do not have RCA jacks. You can get another car stereo but don’t waste your old radio head because it doesn’t have RCA. This article on how to connect AMP without an RCA jack shows you two great and easy ways to learn about it. Trust me I say that with the AMP onboard attached to the radio head as I have told you you can be satisfied with the best sound quality in your car. I hope this article will help you a lot. Thank you very much for reading the article and if you like it please support it because I will support you and you support me.

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