How To Reset JVC Radio

I am sure that while you are reading this article you will definitely want to make some new changes to your car.JVC Car Radio is a very simple way to bring a new change to your stereo. If you still have JVC radio in your car, you will want to keep reading to understand it. I will tell you how to reset the JVC radio.

This article will show you step by step process for resetting stereo and if you are facing any difficulty then let’s take this article further.

Why Do You Need to Reset Your JVC Car Stereo?

You need to reset your car stereo for many other reasons. When setting up the radio you may enter the wrong language or forget how to change it. If you have this problem you can always go and see the stereo instruction book.

It is difficult to read or understand so very few people read this manual. Most people look online or ask for help from another friend. In this article, we will show you how to reset your stereos. This whole process will take only 5 minutes.

Below are two methods used to rearrange the radio.

How to Reset your JVC Stereo-Tutorial

When it comes to rearranging a car stereo, the key factor is looking at the stereo manual. There are specific models that must be well understood throughout the radio. Because you have to make sure you get the right model.

Each model describes a different way of configuring the radio. Below are some of the most common JVC radios:

  • JVC KD-sr72
  • JVC ks-r930bts
  • JVC kW-r920bts
  • JVC KD sr82bt
  • JVC KD sr61

These models may be similar to other models but read your manual carefully based on your specific model. Keep in mind that all these radios are different in their own way. Each car has a radio attached to the place where the factory radio used to be.

You may need to buy a special kit to see if people are bigger or smaller so that the area where the old radio is used can be replaced.

Method 1

This is the easiest way to rearrange the car radio. All you need to do is press the On button and the Select button together. Press them for 6 seconds. When these buttons are held together, the chip inside the radio erases the settings.

Do not press the buttons too long as you may have a chance to damage the internal mechanism. You do not want to damage the buttons.

Method 2 (Single Din Radio)

If the radio needs to be rearranged and you don’t want to use the buttons, a little more work is needed. It’s not hard and it’s definitely worth it for you to keep reading.

Step 1

You need to open the car door and remove all the cuts around the radio. Be careful not to damage the rim or the radio. It is advisable to buy a set of trim tools to help you get the radio free.

Step 2

After removing all the scratches from the front of the radio. The radio should be fully operational. Look at the radio. There should be a small button near the CD slot. This is the reset button on JVC radios.

This button is on many JVC radios, they may be somewhere else. If you have questions, check with your manual.

Step 3

First, turn on the radio and then press the reset button. You must turn on the radio before pressing the reset button. The button is very sensitive so you should not damage it. There is no point in pressing the reset button if you do not turn on the radio.

Method 3 (Double Din Radio)

Step 1

Find a reset on the radio. It can happen anywhere on the radio, it is an important task. It often happens in different places. When you find the reset button then press it.

Step 2

When resetting the system, it is important that the USB port does not have anything plugged in. As this may cause a problem with your device being plugged in.

Things to Know While Resetting your Radio

This will change somewhat after resetting the radio, so to reset your device make sure it is the right option for you. Be aware of the following.

  • When you press the reset button then you can’t leave it because the stereo goes back to default settings then go back and change the settings from factory form.
  • Another problem is that you have to go in and go back in time and link your Bluetooth device.

Commonly Asked Questions About Resetting your JVC Radio

How do you clear a JVC Bluetooth?

For the most part, adding a new pairing option is easy, but removing a registered Bluetooth device is difficult. You’ve bought an old radio and you just want to get rid of the old ones.

  • Press and hold the U button. Bluetooth mode will appear in front of you.
  • Use the Analog button and select the Settings option. Click Pairing and press Delete Device.
  • Use the analog button and select the Bluetooth device.
  • Then click on the Yes option.

The easiest radio to insert or remove a Bluetooth device from its memory. Some radios are harder than others but JVC radios are easier.

How Do You Reset The Clock on a JVC Radio?

The easiest way to reconfigure a radio with Bluetooth is to follow a few basic steps when resetting with Bluetooth. The beginning of the article is easy to understand and follow. The steps below are the way to connect to Bluetooth.

  • Holding down the power button will turn on the head unit.
  • Find the Bluetooth option on the radio.
  • Connect your Bluetooth to your phone. You may need to enter a PIN or another form of verification.
  • Add the name of your device to the radio.
  • Once the pairing is plenary, it’s time to commence utilizing the Bluetooth option.

You can connect your mobile phones and other devices with Bluetooth. This is a great and easy way to protect your car’s radio. You should not use your phone while driving. It is safe to have a hands-free option in the car.

How Do you Program a JVC Radio?

It is very easy to program on most radios. Customizing your radio is in the hands of most drivers. You can change its color, and current sound setting to your liking. It depends on the mood of the driver. Below is written about how to customize JVC radio:

  • Press the power button and make sure your radio is on.
  • It is very easy to change the colors. All you have to do is press the color button and 10 different colors will appear in front of you.
  • To change the setting of tunes, Press the menu button to select the tones.
  • To change the sound setting, Press the EQ button to change the different sound settings. This allows you to change the speaker bass and treble.
  • Some radios also have a user button, This button allows you to save various driver settings. You do not need to change the color, or sound setting, just go and save the setting to a specific user.

Many radios do not have this user button but special radios have this button and if you are lucky you will get this supposed option. This makes it easier for drivers to share the setting with their friends and family.


Now you know how to reset your car radio. After resetting the car radio, the radio will change the shape and sound inside your car. Cars radio will separate the car and hopefully, this article will make it easier for you to know how easy it is to use the modified radio. Radio is easy to fix and it is not expensive to change the shape from the inside but when it comes to electrical work then you always have to be careful. Single and dual den radios are mostly similar, but with a slight difference. Hopefully, this article will show you some ways to reset the radio and upgrade the radio. If you like this article and you think it is helpful then share it with your friends and family if you have any problems then you must ask us in the comment box and we will answer you.










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